Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So What!

  • That I shop waaaay too much online and started shipping stuff to work so the hub wouldn't notice
  • My Life Planner will be here today & I may have to run home and get it, mid day ... yes I'm getting text alerts, don't judge me
  • I have been trying for a year to sell C's crib bedding & finally did, I cried my eyes out packing it up
  • That I also sold her diaper genie, since I never really used it & wouldn't use it for round 2. When I went to clean it, I found out there were poop diapers in it. Yep you read that right and they were size 3 which means they have been there for a LONG time. Buuut never smelled, that thing is pretty awesome.
  • I have been so ready for another baby but now that we actually have a plan, I'm completely stressed


  1. Fill me in with this plannnnnn! I want to know haha!