Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So what...

So What Wednesday
Linking up with Shannon @ Life After "I" Dew
So what....
  • That its so freakin nice outside and I'm inside just working away---- NOT it sucks.
  • That my house is a wreck, seriously haven't touched anything in 3 days
  • That we have eaten out 2 nights in a row
  • That I miss C's snuggles so much with her out of my bed all the time now that I sneak into hers
  • That I sometimes give fake names at Starbucks just to keep them on their toes buuut by the time my coffee is ready I have forgotten my name of the day
  • That I am like a kid in a candy store now that its grilling season, yummy food and less dishes- score!

Not so wordless Wednesday...

This weeks picture means so much to me! I found out a few weeks ago that my grandmother has lung cancer & goes in for surgery in 2 days. So last week a took a day off work so me and my mini could go spend some time with her. Watching her & C play, talk and sing I realized even more than normal how overly blessed I have been to have this amazing woman in my life, all of these years, teaching me what it meant to love unconditionally. When I was young I spent hours at her house playing and looking through her sticker collection ... she used to work at Hallmark so she has collected so much cool stuff over the years. Stuff that all of her grand kids wanted so a LONG time ago she decided to let us all write our name on little stickies and post them to the bottom so one day we would all get the things we have asked for. It broke my heart that she actually gave C the little things she liked.
The picture was them reading bible songs. When I was pregnant my grandmother used to sing Jesus Loves Me to my stomach every time she saw me, no matter where we were. I love that C now knows all of the words and sings it all of the time, it always makes me smile.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I don't keep up with much in the blogging world (I'm trying to get better), it takes me DAYS to figure out how to change the outline stuff. But I keep seeing people switching to Bloglovin because of something with Google+. I figured I should do the same, follow me....

Ten Things on Tuesday

I'm going to copy Nikki @ Wish Upon a Shooting Star

ten things on tuesday

  1. People say the hardest "job" is being a mom but that came natural to me, being a wife on the other hand, that's some hard shit. Please Lord give me patience.
  2. I am LOVING this weather, seriously can't get enough of it.
  3. Helping coach C's soccer team is more fun than I thought it would be.
  4. I really want a baby but keep putting it off for a "better" time.
  5. When I was balancing my check book over the weekend, I realized how much I money I spend at Starbucks... OHemGee
  6. C didn't get picked for the lotto to get into the local Charter School & it has now stressed me about her getting into kindergarten early. And the application I have to fill out is crazy.
  7. I am trying to ease up on the caffeine a tad bit, as I drink my iced coffee ;)
  8. I am super nervous for a Dr's apt I have tomorrow and another next week.
  9. Currently my BIL is staying with us during the week and I love him to death but I'm over it!
  10. I am happy to start blogging again, hopefully I can stick with & decide what I actually want to write about.
Happy Tuesday

Monday, April 8, 2013


To make this post simple, I SUCK AT CHARTING FERTILITY! It was nothing I was overly concerned about doing but I find it so interesting the amount of things that go into making a baby, everything has to be perfectly aligned. So I was very intrigued and wanted to know more about my body so I started reading into it. There was a lot of good info on  along with free printable charts but I knew that I would forget about it so I found a good app ... thank goodness for the iPhone. The app I found is Kindara, it's free and AWESOME, very informative and dummy proof- as long as you remember to do it.

From what I read you should take your temperature first thing in the morning before ever getting out of bed. So I bought my self a cute pink thermometer (with baby girl vibes in it) and put it right on my nightstand. As you can see from my chart below, I go days without taking my temperature, always forget to mark when we have sex and never track my fluids.

I think for this coming cycle I will start putting the thermometer on top of my phone before I go to sleep since I have to turn my alarm off, I will hopefully remember.

I am currently tracking and hoping that I don't get pregnant but hopefully in the next few months I will be able to blog about Baby H.

Any good tips for remembering to chart??

Mingle Monday

Mingle 240
I'm joining Meg @ Life of Meg for her Monday Blog Hop. The question this week is....
** What concert are you DYING to see?  ** 
I am really looking forward to The Band Perry... eeek!! I just bought tickets last week, they are actually my hubs birthday gift and will be his 1st ever concert (I know he was deprived as a child hehe)


Since having my IUD removed a few months ago, that time of the month has been AWFUL! Well not really that time but the 2 weeks before hand, the bloating is the worst. I have never had any period issues in the past and it's strange since my IUD was hormone free. I found this detox on Pinterest & another pinner said she uses it every month the week before her period so hopefully it works for me too.

60oz. of H2O
2 TBSP of lemon juice
1 TBSP of "sugar free" cranberry juice (this really doesn't exist but the organic has only natural sugar from the cranberries)
1 dandelion root tea bag

Drink this everyday for 7 days. I mixed mine when I got to work and stuck it in the fridge so I could drink it through out my work day. To me it tastes just like lemon water :)

Other pinners talked about losing around 5 pounds during the 7 days also, I'm not so worried about that but hoping it helps my 2 week sausage fingers.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013



So What- Not really!!

So What Wednesday
  • So what that I thought it was Thursday until my phone reminded me to do this blog- dagger!
  • So what the my day is CRAP and it just started... keep reading lol
  • So what that my Keurig decided to stop working this morning
  • So what that my car decided not to start this morning
  • So what that I forgot my lunch on the counter, at least the dog will enjoy a mid day snack
  • So what that my bra strap BROKE and my boobs are now being held together by a freakin paper-clip! Thanks a lot Victoria Secret
  • So what that it's only 9:30am
Seriously am I being punked today??