Friday, August 3, 2012

30 Things, Day 8

...  What are 5 passions you have ...

Taking care of children, I just love it!! I almost finished my degree in elementary education and maybe one day I will. I also debated doing home daycare after having daughter but around here that's a popular job.

Photography. I'm not any good at it but it's fun and I like doing it.

Cooking. How fun would it be to have a REAL cooking show?! With a messy kitchen, curse words, crying kids, ya know how moms really cook!!

Shopping. LOVE LOVE LOVE! And it doesn't have to be for fun stuff either, just anything.

Working. I complain about my job but I do like it, it would be better if it were only 3 days a week though. I enjoy doing something for me, making my own money & helping people. It's nice to have people appreciate you & what you do for them.

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