Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So What...

So What Wednesday
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So what that...
* I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks, today I will make the elliptical my bitch & make up for lost time.
* I until yesterday didn't realize that it was already August & I have done nothing for C's FIFTH birthday next month. I'm usually done by now.
* I have piles of laundry in my room, maybe when I run out of underwear I will wash some. Luckily for me I have about 300 pairs.
*  I have a lot of work to do & this is what I'm doing.
* C still sneaks into my bed a few times a month, they are only little once.

Goodbyes are tough..

I said goodbye to my Facebook page and it really was tough! After years of having one, checking it was such a habit. That's where my friends live & where I can get updates on all of their children I don't see often but I was so over the drama that came with it. Every time I got on there was someone complaining about their relationships, their money, their job, their children, their ingrown toe nails - SHUT UP! We all have these problems, well I've never had an ingrown toe nail but you get where I'm going with this... when did we all of the sudden have to post them for the world to know? You really want to tell everyone that your boyfriend is an ass and then the next day he's a saint? All you're really saying is that you're an idiot, plain & simple. I also noticed, I was always on it when I was bored. In the car, cooking dinner, while C is playing in the bath, at work, blah blah blah ... I wish I knew how much time I actually spent wasted when I could be focusing on more important things.
I am keeping my instagram and hopefully focus more on blogging. I have a tough time blogging because I am an overly honest person & I think if I really wrote my views on things it would be dangerous, so I'm still trying to find my place in this blogger world.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Things

* As usual I went WAY over board with Victoria Secrets Semi Annual Sale, so bad that I had it shipped to work!
* I need to find some healthy recipes I can use my KitchenAid for- I feel guilty that I just had to have that $380 mixer and have only used it once.
* I am in a serious rut & want to change so many things. Normally spring/summer are my favorite but I haven't really gotten into the "mood" and it sucks buuuuut.....
* I leave for vacation in 25 days and I am very excited for that :)))
* Mom bladder SUCKS, I swear I can't even jump on the trampoline anymore without peeing myself.
* I am in charge of games for an upcoming baby shower- I don't know how this happened, I think games are the worst part of a baby shower.
* Me and J have switched rolls, I want to wait a little longer for a baby but he seems so freakin ready.
* I always have C in some type of activity but I think I may take a break for the summer. It's so nice to just play at home, yesterday we walked to the library and it was so fun.
* I haven't been couponing much and my bank account shows it, time to get back on track!
* I still have my Easter wreath on the door but I have no summer "inspiration" yet.

Monday, June 3, 2013

BzzAgent Update!

Happy Monday to me. I got another awesome BzzCampaign... SkinnyGirl Cocktails!
I love SkinnyGirl Margaritas but with this campaign I get to try Mojito, Moscato, White Cherry Vodka & Sweet N' Tart Grapefruit Margarita. I think I see a girls day/playdate in my future.

I have gotten some awesome campaigns lately. I currently have 2 others...
I have never used shoe inserts but I'll give it a shot, the freebie I got is for flats so I stuck them in my work shoes. They really do make a difference ... I LOVE them.
I almost didn't accept this one because the hub is really picky about what he uses on lawn but I'm glad I did because it works great & it's so freakin easy! You hook it to the hose and spray ... within a few days out plants grew and bloomed. We didn't plant anything new this year just our same ole' perennials but they honestly look amazing. We will be continuing to buy this.
I also just finished up with....
Got2b POWDER'ful- Really does add volume and helps if you trying to do a "bump-up" type thing. I used it on day old hair. It leaves your hair feeling kind of funny so it definitely has to be washed out.
Children's Claritin- C's allergies normally aren't too bad and the past year she was taking a prescription version of Zyrtec with low dosage because of her age. I accepted this campaign not thinking I would use it but ended up really happy to have it laying around. C takes it everyday & it really helps. I have bought 3 more boxes since the campaign ended. The best part is kids can use this at the age of 2.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have finally buckled down to lose weight, I want to get healthy before I get pregnant again. I joined the gym about 4 weeks ago & have been able to go 4-6 days a week for an hour of cardio and some weights. I am very anti scale, I think it really hurts people when the "over weigh" and get frustrated. So I don't weight & I don't measure ... I take occasional pictures. As long as I'm feeling good & my clothes are getting looser, I'm good! I was happy when I took an updated picture last night and saw a small difference & even happier when I went home and fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn since before C.
I haven't changed my eating :/ I love wine, chocolate & chipotle... small steps!
I am not a fan of my body, I'm hoping posting pictures will keep me on track!
My view
Week 1, Week2, Week 4
Week 2 & Week 4


Pre-K Graduation *tear*

My little girl seems like she grew up overnight, I'm still trying to figure out who have her permission to do this! She is the perfect combination of smart, sweet & sassy. When I hear the compassion in her voice when someone is sick or she is mothering her baby dolls I realize I'm not screwing up as much as I think. Me & J truly are raising an amazing little girl, the world better watch out. Last month I went to her pre-k graduation & it was so cute, they had a ceremony and performed a little skit of Noah's Ark. Justin couldn't get off the day of her graduation so we all played hookie a few days before and went to the National Harbor for the day. The day of her graduation her Granny took her out afterwards and once I got off work we went and got manis & pedis then Daddy took us to The Japanese Steak House for a special dinner. Fingers crossed this Little Miss will be going into kindergarten next year, she is so ready to get on that school bus *more tears*.
A Balloon & Flowers from Daddy since he couldn't be there.

 Little BFFS

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays Button
As usual I am thankful for my awesome family! I am also thankful for this weather letting us get outside & do more. We have had more park time, me & the hub went to an outdoor concert & the tiki bar a few weeks ago, we have a wine tasting scheduled & we my crazy girls took out their 1st dip in the pool.