Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have finally buckled down to lose weight, I want to get healthy before I get pregnant again. I joined the gym about 4 weeks ago & have been able to go 4-6 days a week for an hour of cardio and some weights. I am very anti scale, I think it really hurts people when the "over weigh" and get frustrated. So I don't weight & I don't measure ... I take occasional pictures. As long as I'm feeling good & my clothes are getting looser, I'm good! I was happy when I took an updated picture last night and saw a small difference & even happier when I went home and fit into a pair of pants I haven't worn since before C.
I haven't changed my eating :/ I love wine, chocolate & chipotle... small steps!
I am not a fan of my body, I'm hoping posting pictures will keep me on track!
My view
Week 1, Week2, Week 4
Week 2 & Week 4


Pre-K Graduation *tear*

My little girl seems like she grew up overnight, I'm still trying to figure out who have her permission to do this! She is the perfect combination of smart, sweet & sassy. When I hear the compassion in her voice when someone is sick or she is mothering her baby dolls I realize I'm not screwing up as much as I think. Me & J truly are raising an amazing little girl, the world better watch out. Last month I went to her pre-k graduation & it was so cute, they had a ceremony and performed a little skit of Noah's Ark. Justin couldn't get off the day of her graduation so we all played hookie a few days before and went to the National Harbor for the day. The day of her graduation her Granny took her out afterwards and once I got off work we went and got manis & pedis then Daddy took us to The Japanese Steak House for a special dinner. Fingers crossed this Little Miss will be going into kindergarten next year, she is so ready to get on that school bus *more tears*.
A Balloon & Flowers from Daddy since he couldn't be there.

 Little BFFS

Thankful Thursday

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As usual I am thankful for my awesome family! I am also thankful for this weather letting us get outside & do more. We have had more park time, me & the hub went to an outdoor concert & the tiki bar a few weeks ago, we have a wine tasting scheduled & we my crazy girls took out their 1st dip in the pool.