Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Things, Day 10

Best of Both Worlds

... Describe your most embarrassing moment ...

I can't think of one moment in particular that was horribly embarrassing. I am always tripping, saying something that makes no sense and having plenty of "Ashley moments". But I will share a few I still get teased for....
 There was one time that I FREAKED OUT, because I had a bump down below! I left work early called my OB crying and just knew that I had herpes {in my defense I just found out my a-hole boyfriend cheated on me}! She squeezed me in, knowing that I'm completely insane and after WebMD I would be at the ER. It turned out to be an ingrown hair & in a place that herpes don't even "grow". But my mini break down gave a lot of people a good laugh.
I was pregnant & not near full term but hadn't been feeling that great. I decided to ignore that I wasn't 100% and "do the deed" with my hubby. After a few minutes there was "water" everywhere!! Of course we freaked out, went to the hospital I called both my mom & step mom in a panic. After tests & sonograms it turns out I just peed on him =) I found out later this is pretty common but next time I know to not call anyone until I know for sure.
The night I met J I was being nosey in my friends closet while getting toilet paper & actually got stuck half upside down in her sex swing.

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  1. Hahaha... all three made me chuckle WITH you! To make you feel a little better, I chuckled at the ingrown hair issue because I did the same thing once! FREAKED ME OUT!! LOL... felt pretty dumb after the doctor checked me out!