Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Last week's recap

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I most definitely did ... stayed home all day in my PJ's, cooked a yummy meal for my little family & decorated for Christmas! C decided she wanted to sleep over our neighbors so the hub was actually able to go Black Friday Shopping with me this year. He was a Black Friday Virgin & I can almost guarantee, he will never go again.

Dessert is of course my favorite part of Thanksgiving ....

I absolutely loved my long weekend home with my family, I even had time for some Christmas crafts with the little one. I am really happy with the way they both turned out.

Buddy the Elf has been back & C is the perfect age!! She wakes up everyday so excited to find him, her giggles 1st thing in the morning are great.

This weekend I plan on figuring out the Christmas craft that C will gift this year & making an Advent Calendar for the house. eeek I can't wait, only 3 more days of work.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Story of my life, I'm behind on everything ... blogging, instagrams monthly challenge, what I'm thankful for today's, blah blah blah! I've been busy. I have really have been bad at taking pictures lately, which I'm bummed about!

I have made some yummy new recipes & will blog about eventually. I'm really looking forward to trying some new Christmas goodies... thank you Pinterest. Speaking of Christmas I am SOOOO ready!! Hard to believe I will be able to start decorating this time next week :eeek: and our elf friend Buddy will be back destroying my house. I decided to be a little bit more organized with his shenanigans this year, so I printed a calendar for December and wrote what would happen each day. Last year I just kinda winged it. Do you have any favorite traditions? We do a few different things...
  • Thanksgiving morning we eat stuffing for breakfast while we watch the parade ... I make good stuffing with sausage and everything in it. This tradition started with my step mom and will continue forever!
  • Buddy of course, will show up in the mail next week & stay until Christmas.
  • We bake cookies and give them to well, anyone I can, I just love making them. This year I'm going to make cinnamon sugar almonds in the crock pot too.
  • Christmas Eve buddy will bring PJ's for the entire family and a Christmas movie to watch, this year I'm thinking Arthur Christmas. I also ordered The Pajama Elves Book this year!
I saw this cute little elf door that you put up against your base board buuut I'm pretty sure I can make a cuter one, so that will come next year.

Enough about Christmas ..... I haven't hosted a HouseParty in a LONG time but I signed up and ACTUALLY got picked to host one for SodaStream. I'm not at all a soda drinker {maybe 1 soda a month but that's pushing it} but I'm excited about this little machine! It gives you recipes for sparkling tea and grown up drinks too!

I also just signed up for BzzAgent & I'm so addicted to filling out all the surveys! How did I not know about this??

Family update.... we are all doing great!! I start a part-time bartending job tonight & I'm really looking forward to it, I miss the bar atmosphere a lot. C is doing great in school and learning so much, amazes me everyday. M just brought home straight A's AGAIN, the kid has never brought home anything else. J is doing well too- he is in the process of job hunting, he has done auto body work his entire life and I think it's really wearing on him.