Monday, July 16, 2012

Week-End Recap

I swear someone slipped me a Xanex this weekend! Between laundry, the normal mess, and my house still being a disaster from my 2 bathroom floods within 3 days, I had a lot to do BUT didn't care at all. Which just isn't normal for me, the typical Ashley would have needed all of this done in time for my Sunday night shows. Instead, I relaxed, enjoyed my girls and we did some fun things. Saturday the girls made some crafts for Deeka (my dad) since we were going to be celebrating his birthday Sunday, C made him a hand/foot print ocean & M made him a tie dye shirt, which is not at all him but I guarantee he will wear it all the time. We also made Flubber (blog to follow), english muffin pizza's, J took M to see Spiderman while me and C got to spend some time with our friends! Sunday we slept in, made pop-tarts (blog to follow) & spent the afternoon by the pool enjoying some of our amazing family. Now it's back to Monday & my house is still a crazy messy disaster, there is always next weekend :)

C's artwork ... go figure I got no pictures of the tie dye
C and some of her girlfriends
... Our Pizza's ...

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