Thursday, July 26, 2012

30 Things, Day 3

Describe your relationship with your parents

I am lucky enough to have 4 parents, all of which love me very much & I love them. I had challenges with them all at some point through my life but who hasn't. It has taken me being a grown-up and a parent to see the truth about them all good and bad.

 My dad always got the short end of stick while I was growing up, I always talked to him poorly. Who knows why, probably because he let me but looking back all I can do is shake my head. I can see HIM now, a wonderful father & Deeka. He has always been there for me for anything at all. Even things he doesn't always like, he supports me and loves me through it. My niece who is 11 is starting with him now & I wish there was something I could do to make her see him like I do & to appreciate him.
My step mom is such a good person & I am lucky to have had her growing up! I could always talk to her when I has having a tough time with anything, she was there! Not to judge me or tell me what to do, just to be there as someone to listen. She taught to me to try and find the good in people & love them through their faults because everyone has them. My life wouldn't be the same without her.
My mom is my best friend, through the good and the bad! I talk to her every day but we don't really TALK about important things, it just isn't who she is. She hides a lot of who she is and lets people talk her down and take a way her confidence & it pisses me off. It takes away from the amazing mom, grand mom & person she is. I can always count on her, though my 7 L&D trips when I was having C, the 2am ER visits & everything she is there and won't take no for answer. She loves me more than life itself I know this!
My step dad, growing up there were days he was my hero & others I hated him because he truly was the school/homework nazi!! He taught me a lot though, how to have confidence & stand up for myself & what I believed in, I thank him for that. As a grown up I have seen more of who he is now & to be honest I hate it. He either isn't the man I used to know or he isn't the man I always saw. He does love me and my family & would do anything he could, I'm sure but he isn't the role model I thought he was.

I love all 4 of these people with my whole heart, they made me the person I am today! They were there with me through the difficult times in my life ALL OF THEM and they all helped me in different ways. My kids are so blessed to have these people in their lives, they just have no idea.

Growing up with divorced parents and step parents was tough at times. Growing up I remember wanting to stay at which ever parents house when it was time for me to go to the other, due to plans with friends and stuff. Having to call the other parent and tell them I wasn't coming was hard for me because I felt like I was hurting their feelings. Now of course I know that was not the case but that stuff is hard on a kid. Being a step child has taught me so much now being a step parent. I know that I'm not a step parent, I'm a MOM and I love M just the same as I love C ... that will never change. I was never a step daughter or step sister I was a daughter and a sister & I love it that way. In my opinion a lot of people have it wrong which is why anything with the word "step" seems so difficult, it really isn't.


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