Wednesday, July 25, 2012

30 Things, Day 2

 Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

  1. Something happening to one of my children or something happening to me where I can't watch them grow up. It crosses my mind often about how Cheyenne's life would change without me in it & it breaks my heart. Please Lord keep me around for a long long time, amen!
  2. Caner- it's crazy how this disease can take over your entire body & sometimes you have no clue at all, your out having a good time while your insides are being taken over. The big C has hit close to home many times for me throughout my family & if I don't have to hear about it again for a awhile, I'm good!
  3. I have actually always had a fear of the movie theater late at night, ours isn't the best which doesn't help. But think about it; there is no form of security to get in, you go to sit in a dark room full of people & really no one can see you, plus there is an emergency exit right in the front... sounds pretty ideal for a psycho if you ask me. On our date nights we usually do dinner & a movie, as soon as the 1st person decides they are going to the bathroom or needs a snack I miss a good 3 minutes of the movie watching their every move like I'm Nancy Drew or something. Needless to say watching the news on July 20th, my heart dropped! I pray for those families and hope they can find peace, one of the victims was only 7 years old.

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