Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things, Day 1

 List 20 random facts about yourself

  1. I have never broken a bone
  2. I am obsessed with underwear & always have been, I think I have 150 pairs
  3. The gym is a huge stress reliever for me but after working all day I feel awful leaving Chey again
  4. I often want to sell my house and move into a pet free apartment
  5. I love Mexican food but italian is a close 2nd.
  6. I want to go back to school and finish one of the 4 degrees I started
  7. I do my hair from my bed or my bedroom floor
  8. I could stay in my pajamas and watch junk tv all day
  9. I am addicted to shopping, even grocery shopping
  10. I say extremly to many curse words
  11. I start my day with coffee and end it with wine
  12. I suck at spelling
  13. I have boxes full of everything C has ever made, including coloring pages she brings home
  14. I'm not a huge fan of cookies but LOVE cookie dough
  15. I could wear flip flops everyday all year
  16. I love Targets clearance aisles for kids & look though them everytime I go
  17. I'm not into politics even though I know it effects me
  18. Nothing makes me as mad as people who don't take care of their children, I seriously want to shake them.
  19. That horrible 3 minute long humane society commercial makes me cry every time, I have to turn it off or leave the room
  20. My family is no where near perfect, but it's mine and I love everything about it.


  1. I have boxes too! Hah! And I can't watch that commercial either! Live your number 20 : )