Friday, July 13, 2012

Easy Friday...

Fridays in my house are crazy and normally cook free! However J got news that his cholesterol is on the high side and with heart disease running in his family, it was time to call it quits on pizza Fridays! So here is any easy recipe I stole from a friend making a few changes... One of those easy things you can be personalized to fit your families taste buds. I used...
* 1 container egg beaters ( filled the rest of the way up with skim milk)
* 1 squash
* 1 zucchini
* 1/2 green bell pepper
* 1/2 onion
* 1/2 cup mushrooms

1. Slice onion, squash, pepper and zucchini
2. Sauté all veggies until tender (I used smart balance butter)
3. Mix sautéed veggies with egg in a Pyrex bowl/pie plate. I also mixed in Trader Joes 21 Season Salute
4. Bake on 350 for around 35 minutes or until egg is cooked. You can add cheese for the last few minutes (I didn't).

I thought it was really yummy and filling. I divided mine into about 8 servings & used a recipe calculator to figure out all the health junk. Out of curiosity I also ran the calculator using 7 eggs instead of the egg beaters, you can see the comparison below.

Real eggs have more calories, fat & a lot more cholesterol! But less carbs & sodium.

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