Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So What Wednesday

  • That my house is a crazy mess & has been for over a week. Plus I spent all of yesterday home in my pj's.
  • I realized after getting to work that my underwear are on inside out & I'm to lazy to fix it.
  • That I go in the bathroom and pretend to be going only to eat a yogurt and play on my phone without "help"
  • We never took our Christmas lights down because they were such a pain in the ass to get up. Now thanks to the windstorms and rain this year they are hanging off.
  • I have tons of work to do but I'm doing this instead
  • I have a 5K mud run in about a month and haven't even put on real shoes in over 3 months, let alone running shoes
  • I am looking forward to the weekend only to wear my pj's all day & watch 90210 reruns
  • I look at tons of houses all over and swear to just to pick up an go SOON
  • I probably won't wash my hair again until Friday night
Happy Hump Day!!


  1. The underwear thing just cracked me up! Last year we left our Christmas lights up until July when I MADE KENNY start to take them down since I was doing a Scentsy open house, but he only took down the ones you could see ;).

    1. I actually told Justin to leave them up because you really can't see them and he is scared of heights. So my dad had to come do them hahaha

  2. Bahahha I can picture you in inside out undies!