Monday, July 30, 2012

30 Things, Day 6

What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?
For some reason this is a really tough question for me! I have experience a lot of hard/painful things in my life; heartbreak, death, miscarriage, threat of foreclosure, drug addiction within my family & the list go on. If I had to choose one thing it would have to be being a mom. Being a mom puts you in a lot of tough situations with tough choices that can effect your child forever.

One of my hardest choices so far was picking a daycare! The person that was going to watch her had to be PERFECT, they have such an impact on your childs future it's crazy. I started looking when I was around 3 months pregnant and interviewed tons of people, I had become a daycare nazi. By the time I should have been going back to work I still hadn't found anyone so C spend a few days/weeks at work with me. I finally found someone I thought was perfect, a sahm who was willing to let rock C to sleep instead of making her "cry it out". After a few months I realized this lady really wasn't who I thought she was & did a few things that I just didn't approve of (nothing to ever harm C) so one Friday when i went to pick her up & told her that would be her last day. Again I was stuck and bringing her to work with me. I knew I wanted to put her in a learning center at 18 months, knew the center & had her name on the list with a down payment. But they had no open infant spots. I got a call from my step daughters mom that she had an opening and I quickly took it. I knew C would be loved, taught, taken care of & she got to see her sissy everyday.

She has now been in that learning center since April 2010 and I have no plan on switching. I am hoping for early kindergarten enrollment next year & she will be getting on and off the bus there. I have already put my name on the list for an infant space & no I'm not pregnant but with the time frame I was looking at they suggested it!

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