Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not so wordless Wednesday...

This weeks picture means so much to me! I found out a few weeks ago that my grandmother has lung cancer & goes in for surgery in 2 days. So last week a took a day off work so me and my mini could go spend some time with her. Watching her & C play, talk and sing I realized even more than normal how overly blessed I have been to have this amazing woman in my life, all of these years, teaching me what it meant to love unconditionally. When I was young I spent hours at her house playing and looking through her sticker collection ... she used to work at Hallmark so she has collected so much cool stuff over the years. Stuff that all of her grand kids wanted so a LONG time ago she decided to let us all write our name on little stickies and post them to the bottom so one day we would all get the things we have asked for. It broke my heart that she actually gave C the little things she liked.
The picture was them reading bible songs. When I was pregnant my grandmother used to sing Jesus Loves Me to my stomach every time she saw me, no matter where we were. I love that C now knows all of the words and sings it all of the time, it always makes me smile.

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