Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Things

* As usual I went WAY over board with Victoria Secrets Semi Annual Sale, so bad that I had it shipped to work!
* I need to find some healthy recipes I can use my KitchenAid for- I feel guilty that I just had to have that $380 mixer and have only used it once.
* I am in a serious rut & want to change so many things. Normally spring/summer are my favorite but I haven't really gotten into the "mood" and it sucks buuuuut.....
* I leave for vacation in 25 days and I am very excited for that :)))
* Mom bladder SUCKS, I swear I can't even jump on the trampoline anymore without peeing myself.
* I am in charge of games for an upcoming baby shower- I don't know how this happened, I think games are the worst part of a baby shower.
* Me and J have switched rolls, I want to wait a little longer for a baby but he seems so freakin ready.
* I always have C in some type of activity but I think I may take a break for the summer. It's so nice to just play at home, yesterday we walked to the library and it was so fun.
* I haven't been couponing much and my bank account shows it, time to get back on track!
* I still have my Easter wreath on the door but I have no summer "inspiration" yet.

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