Saturday, November 17, 2012


Story of my life, I'm behind on everything ... blogging, instagrams monthly challenge, what I'm thankful for today's, blah blah blah! I've been busy. I have really have been bad at taking pictures lately, which I'm bummed about!

I have made some yummy new recipes & will blog about eventually. I'm really looking forward to trying some new Christmas goodies... thank you Pinterest. Speaking of Christmas I am SOOOO ready!! Hard to believe I will be able to start decorating this time next week :eeek: and our elf friend Buddy will be back destroying my house. I decided to be a little bit more organized with his shenanigans this year, so I printed a calendar for December and wrote what would happen each day. Last year I just kinda winged it. Do you have any favorite traditions? We do a few different things...
  • Thanksgiving morning we eat stuffing for breakfast while we watch the parade ... I make good stuffing with sausage and everything in it. This tradition started with my step mom and will continue forever!
  • Buddy of course, will show up in the mail next week & stay until Christmas.
  • We bake cookies and give them to well, anyone I can, I just love making them. This year I'm going to make cinnamon sugar almonds in the crock pot too.
  • Christmas Eve buddy will bring PJ's for the entire family and a Christmas movie to watch, this year I'm thinking Arthur Christmas. I also ordered The Pajama Elves Book this year!
I saw this cute little elf door that you put up against your base board buuut I'm pretty sure I can make a cuter one, so that will come next year.

Enough about Christmas ..... I haven't hosted a HouseParty in a LONG time but I signed up and ACTUALLY got picked to host one for SodaStream. I'm not at all a soda drinker {maybe 1 soda a month but that's pushing it} but I'm excited about this little machine! It gives you recipes for sparkling tea and grown up drinks too!

I also just signed up for BzzAgent & I'm so addicted to filling out all the surveys! How did I not know about this??

Family update.... we are all doing great!! I start a part-time bartending job tonight & I'm really looking forward to it, I miss the bar atmosphere a lot. C is doing great in school and learning so much, amazes me everyday. M just brought home straight A's AGAIN, the kid has never brought home anything else. J is doing well too- he is in the process of job hunting, he has done auto body work his entire life and I think it's really wearing on him.

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  1. I really need to get ready for Elfie to arrive. We are doing the xmas even pjs and I got the book too! I'm excited for all this Christmas stuff. Hope the bartending job is going well. I bet it's a lot of fun compared to your full time job.